Friday, June 12, 2009

We've been working steadily, rain or shine, and the cog wheels for the water powered "clock" have been mounted on the raft. Hopefully this precision mechanism won't be too adversely affected by the rain (plywood tends to warp in weather like this.) Things are looking good for our opening on Wednesday (June 17th, 7-10 pm on the Gowanus canal at 2nd street), though. Should be a beautiful evening.

Katja and I spent time in the Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn Collection yesterday researching more historic photos and information about the Gowanus canal, that will hopefully make it into the video component of the project. We're still testing the best way to project onto the raft and water at the canal.

The three of us have also made headway on the design and ideas for our upcoming project in K√łge, Denmark, which we will create as part of a larger exhibition this fall.

People I have talked with the project have rightly asked what it means in a larger sense...I think each of the three of us has an individual perspective on this, but for me (Philip) the collaborative process has been where a lot of the creativity has happened. We conceived of the Haven project as a multi-part endeavor, happening in different parts of the world over time, where we, the artists, and others who want to spend time with us, can gather to celebrate creative activity, and a sense of freedom from the normal constraints of everyday life. For us, waterfront areas, harbors (and canals) are places where intercultural exchange, commerce, and activities outside the norm have always happened. Our quirky effort on the Gowanus canal is created in this spirit. It is a haven for us as artists, and for anyone who wants to hang out with us there. It has been great that neighborhood kids (some of whom have never seen anything like it), adult neighbors, gowanus dredgers and others have stopped by for repeated visits over the past week. 


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